Conscious styling for the real you

It's not so much that we are what we wear as we 'wear what we are'.

Most of us follow trends dictated by brands who don’t know us. What if we truly knew ourselves before we bought anything? Nobody is quite like YOU so we are busy building all of the tools you'll need to start at the beginning, discover who you really are and how to dress for your own unique lifestyle, body and personality.

Until then let's stay in touch.

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1:1 Bespoke Services

I work with people for all sorts of reasons. Some of you may have gone through big changes in your life and are ready to redefine who you are in the world. Some of you might feel you're not being seen either personally or at work. Maybe you simply want to scale down making clearer choices. Whatever the reason, let's talk so I can walk you through my process, taking you from where you are to where you want to be.


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Jennifer Schneider