Set across 6 weeks, you will explore and hone your empowered, confident image.

The course includes:
  • - x2 45 min 1:1 sessions with Jennifer, one at the start of the course to frame your goals and ensure you achieve them. And one at the end of the course to develop an action plan for a realised vision of your image and any individual style questions you might have
  • - x3 2 hr intimate workshop sessions with 6 others and accompanying materials, each layering on the learnings and home activities of the week prior
  • - Weekly independent home activities averaging 1-2 hrs.
Weeks 1-2: Beginning your style journey

Workshop Session:
We begin your style journey by understanding your roadblocks and creating a path forward, reframing how you see yourself and establishing the foundations of your confident image.

Home Activity:
Detoxing your wardrobe and creating a perfect system tailored to you is critical. It not only simplifies your life, it saves you time, energy and money too.

Weeks 3-4: A confidence & successful image

Workshop Session:
How to build a vision board for your confident future self and personal brand. We will explore the components of a successful image. This includes an introduction to body shape and colour theory, so you know what silhouettes and colours best work for you. 

Home Activity:
Create your vision board to frame your confident image and strategy for an efficient wardrobe.

Weeks 5-6: How to build an inspired wardrobe

Workshop Session:
Building on the knowledge and inspiration from weeks 1 through 4, you will learn how to design your personalised capsule wardrobe to realise your confident image.

Home Activity:
Go shopping and find the pieces that inspire the capsule wardrobe of your dreams.

Wrap-up 1:1 Session with Jennifer

Together with Jennifer, you’ll put all your learnings into action, create a strategy, answer any questions you may have and begin the treasure hunt for the perfect wardrobe pieces to bring your vision to life. 

What we’ll cover:  
  • - Budget & Planning: Achieve your wardrobe vision within your budget and maximise your money
  • - Shopping: Where to find the pieces that suits your style. How to navigate a store and when is the best time to make your purchases